Alpha Bioscan is the leader in Victoria and is 100% dedicated to provide the best mobile service in assessing and tracking your body composition.

We work with athletes of all level, corporate clients willing to promote health awareness, Personal Trainers, gyms and sports clubs of all size and purpose.

Using the only intelligent technology available on the market (Evolt360 and Evolt Active Eco System,) our experts support you in your journey for a healthier, stronger you.


We do not believe in self-service body composition analysers: It is essential to be supported during the assessment to guarantee the correct protocol has been followed, and also to clearly understand your results.

The correct interpretation of your report by our sport scientists will provide you a unique guidance for redefining and measuring the impact of your diet, your physical activity, your lifestyle. 

Scales and mirrors don’t tell all the truth. We do.

Our scanners use the quickest, easiest and less intrusive technology of bio-impedence  measurement. It will take you only 40 seconds on our medical-grade scanners to obtain a comprehensive report. No physical contact with our consultant, no need for taking off your clothes. Remove your jewellery and any extra layers of clothes, shoes and socks off and you are ready to do your scan!

We are able to provide our service to individuals as well as very large group and can easily organise scanning sessions for few hundred people per day. Challenges, boot camp, corporate event, we are ultra-mobile and move anywhere in Victoria.

If you are a professional wishing to offer this ultimate service to your clients/members, or a member wondering why your club is not already giving you the opportunity to actually measure your success, or overcome plateaus, contact us now !”