When giving back the results of a body composition analysis, most people would screen it quickly and ask where is the sacred holy body fat percentage…

We try to educate our clients on how following it is not the most interesting way to track your body fat.


First, because your fat percentage is directly defined by the ratio of your fat cells and your muscles, water and bones weights. It means that you can reduce your body fat percentage by actually putting on muscle and/or water, without having lost a single gram of fat.

Also, most people have wrong standards in mind, made of social medias divas or gym bros claims. Guys believe that 10% of body fat is a common easy target, while ladies believe they are fat over 20%. For info, male elite athletes (Olympic level) in sports like boxing and wrestling score around 9% to 11%…
And ladies, bikini contestants range between 16% and 18% of body fat…

So ask yourself: Are you training for the Olympic games or a bodybuilding competition?

This is why measuring and tracking your FAT MASS (expressed in Kg, it’s the M.B.F on your Alpha Bioscan report sheet) is much more accurate and makes more sense!!

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