So here you are. You just had your first Body Composition Analysis, and our Consultant has explained you what the comprehensive report was showing.

Now that you know where you are at, if you want to get leaner, more toned, you may ask yourself: “ How do I maintain, or develop, my Squeletal Muscle Mass while being on a calories deficit diet to lose visceral and subcutaneous fats?”…

Well, if anyone tells you there is one easy way, turn around and run on the opposite direction as fast as you can! It requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and consistency.

But don’t panic, here are some tips about the main elements you will need to reach this challenging goal:

A tailored diet plan, a tailored training plan and… a tailored supplementation plan, designed by a sports specialist who can actually show you the results you are aiming for.

A lot of people under-estimate the importance and effectiveness of the right supplements, but let’s face it: today’s food can’t be compared to our parents or grand-parents food. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are not of equal value and quality anymore.

This is where supplements will help you.

We highly recommend to our clients to think about including a high amount of BCAA in their diet. WHY? Because BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) tick all the boxes:

-0 calories at all. 5g or 50g of pure BCAA have no calories

-Ready-made muscle bricks. They don’t need to be digested, broken down. BCAA (and all amino acids) will bypass your stomach and will be absorbed in your small intestine: quick (less than 20mn), effective (most of it is absorbed) and effortless for your digestive system (no gas, no bloating…)

-Easy to find pure: Artificial flavours and sweeteners are the main cause of ab-reactions to supplements (acne, digestive disorder etc…)

-Vegetarian and Vegan friendly: All the best BCAA available on the market are extracted from vegetarian source (soy, rice, potatoes, corn…)

-Leucine: the most important of the 3 BCAA (Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine), must come at a minimum ratio of 2.1.1 (twice more leucine that Iso-Leucine and Valine). 3.1.1 and 4.1.1 ratio are considered the best in lean mass gain. They are the bricks your body will use to build muscles, and Leucine also works as a messenger and triggers the Protein synthesis (you need 5g of Leucine per serving). It tells your body to build muscle and provides the material.

-3 servings of 10g a day are equivalent to 6 protein shakes, minus the nasties.

Here is a fun and easy explanation shared by Heather Jenks ( :

Alpha Bioscan doesn’t easily endorse a brand, but we have been using and highly recommend using products.
Clean, high-potency and a price hard to find for that quality on the Australian market.
Their 4.1.1 BCAA are amazing and have been used for years by our team and clients.

Come and ask us any recommendations about their products next time you book a scan. Meanwhile, you can order directly from and use the code ALPHA in the coupon’s box.

Here is a picture of the results you can achieve after a 10 weeks strict ketogenic diet, supplemented only with the Professional Whey 4.1.1 BCAA, NZ WPI and Carnitine tartrate