Jump onto your bathroom scales and this is what you’ll get… Yep, just the tip of the iceberg!!!

The only way to know the real numbers of your body composition is to do a body scan.

Whilst what you see in the mirror may inspire you to reach your aesthetic goals, the only real way to figure out if your training and diet are working the right way (i.e: building muscles, losing fat for 98% of our clients) is to be brave enough to face the actual numbers behind your fat, water and muscles masses.

Here are 2 examples of how you can be surprised by the results of our comprehensive reports:

Karen and her partner (both fit, healthy and in their late 20’s), want to do a scan before starting a challenge.
As it happens, Karen gets a lower Body Fat percentage than her partner. She’s surprised and wonders if the readings are accurate. Her partner looks “leaner” in the way that he has a better muscular separation and more visible vascularity.

However, after carefully reading her report, it was clear just how little fat she had in comparison to her partner while maintaining a high ratio of lean mass and water.
Extremely low fat, great muscle mass (and then water) means that all the fat she has is subcutaneous. Therefore giving Karen’s body a “softer” appearance.
And obviously, if you are holding more water, you look less “dry”….

The second story is about Lauren.
Lauren is an office worker, and while being in her early 20’s she carries more than 30% body fat (her B.M.I labels her as obese).
She is very driven in changing her lifestyle and body and is constantly praised by her PT regarding her effort.
Lauren still feels ashamed of her body and continues to harbor very low self-esteem. She was really scared of doing the scan and only did it due to the insistence of her PT.

The results were inspiring!

When we showed Lauren how great her muscle mass was, she was overwhelmed and in shock!
Most overweight people believe they are just made of bones and fat… incorrect thoughts!
The body is an amazing machine made to adapt. While getting heavier, Lauren still had to move in her every day’s life. To maintain this activity, her body had to develop more muscles and strength.
Today her muscle mass is Lauren’s best ally in her journey to lose weight. Her Basal Metabolic Rate is higher than average girls her age, which, in turn, will help her achieve great results!

You can’t get this knowledge with standard techniques, your bathroom scales, or listening to “experts” that roam the gym floor…

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